THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Six: Pathways THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Six: Pathways

Thursday, 15 December 2011

0 days: Track Six: Pathways

Where do we go from here? UP

6. Pathways

An explosion of the primary senses but all happening in slow motion.

Like a view of life from an angle never before seen.

I always knew that I knew, even now I know but I couldn't put my finger exactly on what it is I know.

An ultimate knowing an ultimate peace.

Well even through knowing- I still feel that it is quite shocking just how powerful the levels are when "what you know" starts happening to you. I wonder if we ever get over that. The human-brain is wired for logic. What a shame for us.

I could see myself and my energy heading one way then BANG I hit with another energy. Her energy was as great as mine, as confusing as confounding as literal and as raw.

What did this mean?

For the first time, I had met a person through the power of "IT".

What I had asked for in "(Just like) Dorothy" was coming true. I realised that the first song that I wrote for this period was "New morning" which held the lyric:

"I'll be closer in the morning when she comes"

I looked back to the day that she first contacted me and it was the morning after I had written that song. That compiled with "(Just like) Dorothy", with these feelings of always knowing her and the one of always knowing what "I knew" meant that things were starting to take a shape and form way out of my level. I had always created beyond my levels but this was a new stratosphere.

It was like putty but in a form I'd never seen. Malleable but always pinging gently back to where IT wanted us to go.

Two pathways colided, I'm glad I was there to write it down.

Step Six. Beat the panic barrier. Rise to the purer POWER.


Anonymous said...

you write so gracefully and your music is a soulful voice of power

i can't wait to buy the album

i will help to spread the word of your beautiful work with everyone I know


Purdy said...

What a story!
My heart goes out to you. Where can I purchase your album? Is it available in the US?