Wednesday, 7 December 2011

8 Days: Track Three: Petals of a rose

Where do we go from here? UP

3. Petals of a rose

The album moves now to track three "Petals of a rose" which is a realisation of the physical manifestation of dreams.

I no longer had my dreams but I did not believe them dead nor missing but saw them still out there touching or moving forms with someone else ( "Someone else's hand", "Someone else's thoughts") or some thing else ("Through the petals of a rose").

This is moment where I could "see" my future through my past brought back to me on the wind. The wind carries greatness, it whispers magic to you if you want to hear it. I heard it once more back from my past through to my future via that wild wild wind.

A moment of elation for sure. Still, calm, elation.

Step three on your journey: Hear your call.


Annie...Bell said...

Your lyrics are beautiful and timeless

I am awaiting your musical debut

Love Annie

Anonymous said...

i am certainly going to answer the call of this album, it sounds amazing

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan and I think your work is outstanding
I am enjoying this new album and look forward to new music