THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Ten: New morning THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Ten: New morning

Thursday, 15 December 2011

0 days: Track Ten: New morning

Where do we go from here? UP

10. New morning

The first song that I had written for "The Portrait Diaries" period.

In retrospect the lyrics floor me.

Prophetically the lyrics say it all.

Another piece of proof.

Know where you came from and awake into your new morning.


Jeanne B. said...

I remember when you first posted this song years ago. I too was floored by the lyrics. especially the "when you don't know what you're running from...." line
May you have many more beautiful mornings.

Anonymous said...


Nigel said...

Interesting approach to writing. Your Portraits are creative, inspiring, and thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

so profound

i've listened to this song on the album also and can't get the message out of my head

it's like you're in my head

i'll never forget the first time i heard the line "when you don't know what you're running can you know what you're running to"

Anonymous said...

my fav song on the whole album

i love your songwriting

Bern Delago said...

It is true that we all must open our eyes to a new morning. I love your music and your insights into our world. Keep developing yourself and your music will follow.

Jackson Terrance said...

This album transcends all my expectations of what music in this generation should sound like. You are a true artist. A true song writer. And a true performer. May you have a long and sucessful career. I know I'll be following your every move.