THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Seven: Everlasting rose THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Seven: Everlasting rose

Thursday, 15 December 2011

0 days: Track Seven: Everlasting rose

Where do we go from here? UP

7. Everlasting rose

Faced with an impossible scenario I felt the timelessness of our connection and was grasping to write it in concrete.

I needed it written on paper but it was written in the stars.

I have always felt feeble as an artist because I am human. This takes away from the purer form. I guess on some level I will have to admit that "Everlasting rose" is as close a song as any that I have written that comes somewhere close to conveying the truth behind it's imagining.

Why do we have to suffer that by which we live when it alters true form?

We can see true beauty but once you look her in the eye she becomes elusive again. Never put your finger on it. Let it happen around you, be aware of it but let it grow.

I never knew how raw true love truly was.


Anonymous said...

oh how inspiring to write or create something that goes beyond your humanly form
may you rise up even higher along your journey my brother

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. I have only just stumbled upon it now. But I can't wake to get stuck in. Cool idea.