THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Nine: For you THE PORTRAIT DIARIES: 0 days: Track Nine: For you

Thursday, 15 December 2011

0 days: Track Nine: For you

Where do we go from here? UP

9. For you

A moment to look back retrospectively at the past events of my life and now everything moved into perspective.

Nothing "bad" had ever happened to me!

Now I could see that I was always on my way here and by being here everything was becoming true.

It's like my life was changing from a fiction book in a factual book. When fiction becomes fact in front of your eyes the perspective of your existence shifts to pure clarity.

Just knowing that she existed was enough for me.

I had gone through it for a reason! Because if she was real then ALL of it was!

WE create our existence. The true path exists and your instinct will tell you that, but you ARE in control to draw anything and everything.

Step 9: Be grateful even for the "bad times" through the clarity that you are on your way to the better times.


Jeanne B. said...

These words hold a lot ot meaning for me. I am one who has in the past felt like I had regretted things or that I was ashamed of the bad times. But now I will never be ashamed and I will embrace good and bad as I embrace past and present.
Thank you for your diaries Richard

john said...


Anonymous said...

i am so happy for you and your album release. i look forward to hearing this song live as i am sure it is filled with emotion.

Anonymous said...

I just saw your Youtube video of you performing this song and it blew me away! You style of performing is a whole other world!