Wednesday, 14 December 2011

0 days: Track Four: Run with the river

Where do we go from here? UP

4. Run with the river

After hearing the call I became aware of where I needed to go spiritually and physically. I needed to let go of the people around me, within myself without myself. I needed to break the emotional ties and connections. You cannot truly love nor know yourself whilst you are surrounded by the patterns that you have bulit up over your life. Although you may think it - those things are not your life. People, places, times - all of those things are not your life.

You are pure energy and you are here to EXPERIENCE. The soul loves being in the body that you have. The soul is RAW energy.

Scientifically, spiritually, factually: energy cannot be destroyed. This means that the energy that is YOU living inside that body of yours WAS ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be.

You are like a flower growing towards the sun. You are made from the very same material. Your energy wants to grow thats why it manifested into that body when your physical mother and father had sex. Your vessel is one of a human being and YOU were born into it.

The unfortunate part is that the energy that is YOU gets confused by being in that human body. Because the brain works in patterns, by the time we grow up we believe that we are the things around us or that have happened to us!

"Run with the river" was my moment of seeing the river of my journey, my future, and remembering that I'm here to grow and move on. I'll be on this river for the rest of my life here.

We all are.

Step four. Let GO. Move on.


Anonymous said...

your words move me.....make me flow on the river of life

thank you

from a fellow traveler

L.J. said...

I hope you continue on your journey with your music and writings. I have enjoyed reading about your work.